Workshop: Choosing the e-commerce platform that is right for YOU

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Due to ongoing Corona pandemic, all workshops will be presented in a webinar format to ensure the safety of all participants. Details to be announced soon.

You are a small business owner with a great product: now it is time to sell it online so you can reach a wider audience. What platform should you choose for your online store? Does it even matter?

Be informed about the best e-commerce platform to avoid making a costly mistake

Creating an online store implies an investment (time & $, whether you hire a developer or start by yourself) for your business: much like a brick and mortar, a shop is still a shop whether it is located downtown or in a remote place, but the results one gets will vary greatly based on the location and other features involved.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs are impulsive and want to get started as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I have heard many stories of cases in which a company paid to migrate their site to a different platform, without understanding all the features and upkeep costs, and then eventually had to pay again to migrate back to the original platform. On the other hand, sometimes changing the platform, especially after growing the business beyond the capabilities of the initial one, may be in fact necessary and well advised.

Technology can be confusing and there are many sources online, some of which can be affiliate. How do you know all the important details before making your decision?

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For the time being, we will offer this workshop for SCORE Portland in a webinar format. Details will be updated soon.

Your brand needs a strong digital presence to sell your digital or physical product. This workshop is geared towards businesses who are new to e-commerce or ready to take their online store to the next level.

The workshop includes the differences and details (cost, design options, maintenance, etc.) involved in setting up an online e-commerce website with WordPress or Shopify, the two most popular options for online stores. An introduction to what you need and how to set up the website in both cases will be included.

Time for questions and discussion reserved at the end of the presentation.

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