How to pivot your service business online

how to pivot your service business online

We are living through unprecedented times. As a result, most businesses will be affected, some will go bankrupt, and fewer will thrive. If you are a service business that normally provides in person services, you need to pivot online in order to ensure that you will thrive. I recently helped a client move her business online. These are some strategies used that will help you.

Before the pandemic started, many service businesses were poised to have a record year and were comfortably meeting their income goals.

 In the blink of an eye, that situation changed, their income became non-existent, while still having bills like rent/ mortgage to pay. To make it worse, the duration of this catastrophic shift is yet unknown and could result in the end of many businesses.

When services are normally offered in person, like hair styling, how can one continue to make income from a safe distance?

Take a look at your normal in person offerings and consider how they can be adapted to these times. Considering your ideal client and their current needs, how can you serve them online?

Start by  creating products for your service business. The easiest option is to offer gift certificates. The next idea is to switch to offering  online sessions of your regular services. If that is not actually an option, use your ingenuity to reinterpret your expertise in a way that still serves your audience. 

Are you ready to take things to the next level?

Consider creating and selling recorded workshops, online courses or even memberships.

Remember to change your messaging during these challenging times. Empathy is essential during this period as your clients are also impacted by this pandemic. 

We are going to continue helping you with tips and strategies guiding you to create positive change in your business, without the technical overwhelm. If you need hands-on help, get in touch with us.

And remember:

The best way to prevent anxiety from growing is to:

Stay calm, make a plan and keep going! 

Update: When the pandemic started, it seemed to be a temporary problem. We though that we would soon be able to go back to the “normal” way of life and doing business. We now know that things are far from over, and we need to maintain a flexible attitude.

What are your plans for staying sustainable during an uncertain world? Are you being proactive in coming up with new digital offerings?

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